I was born in Texas, and raised in Louisiana. I'm a southern woman who's sweet as pie, crude as oil, and always up for new adventures. I am currently working at Valentine's Tattoo, in Capital Hill, located at 1520 11th Ave, Seattle, WA.

As a tattoo artist, I'm adamant about administering each piece with the utmost love and care.

I always take the time to advise my clients to eat a meal, bring a beverage along, come rested and prepared by wearing comfortable clothes.  I also make it a point to offer my clients a piece of candy to keep their blood sugar levels up, and keep them feeling giddy about their new tattoo. I tend to be most inspired by american traditional style tattoos, but I also enjoy incorporating hints of art nouveau, and adding my own zany twist to the classics.

I'm passionate about dedicating my time to progressing as an artist, and I am devoted to creating a healthy, and supportive environment to learn and thrive in.

My other passions include: metalsmithing, playing with my sling shot, devouring sandwiches, whiskey gingers, and telling my secrets to the shop dog.